Transformation Ministries exists to help others experience the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. This revelation brings abundant life and affects their relationship with God and others. We minister through teaching, training, conferences, and inner healing prayer ministry.

June 2014 Newsletter

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014

  • HeartSync Ministry – Ginger and I were attending a conference in Florence, Alabama in 2013 the first time we heard about Andy Miller and HeartSync Ministries.  Afterwards, we began to do our research.  After a couple of books and watching DVD’s of an old conference that he had been a part of, we decided to attend the HeartSync Basic Training in November 2013. Since then HeartSync has become our favorite tool in ministry.  We have seen God do some amazing things!  Andy Miller invited us to the Advanced Training in North Carolina this June.  We just returned and feel so blessed to have more insight and tools to seeing God’s children free.  Our hearts are to be a part of Jesus’ ministry and Isaiah 61; we want to see the broken hearted healed and the captive set free.  Please continue to pray for us as we discover how God wants us to multiply what we have learned.
  • Fundraising / More Opportunities to Give – We are excited to tell you that we have gone from having 4 monthly supporters to having seventeen!  This is still our biggest need.  If you would like to be a part of this team, you can simply respond to this email and let us know or go to our website and give via PayPal.  We are hoping for 25 monthly supporters by the end of the summer! No gift is too small.  Would you pray and ask the Lord if He would have you be part of our support team? We are in need of monthly supporters.  You can give $10, $25, $50, $100 per month, etc.  Or you can give a one-time gift for the year.
  • Direction of Ministry - We are still in a season of fundraising and praying with those that God has given us permission to pray with, as well as focusing our efforts on our own inner healing.  HeartSync exposed that Ginger and I both have more to pray about, but this is a good thing…we always want to move towards deeper connection with God and those around us. Our motto is: “We can’t give what we don’t already have.
  • Future Trainings – We are unable to say at this time when we will offer our next training…but we can say that we are holding it before the Lord and praying about it. Thank you to those of you who are continuing to pray with us for wisdom and timing.
  • Nonprofit News - We are excited to announce that we received our 501C3 Nonprofit standing in March! This was huge hurdle that took over a year to complete, but is vital in order to continue to offer our ministry on a donation basis. We are very thankful to an anonymous supporter for making this possible.
  • Emerie’s Gotcha Date! – In our last newsletter, we were so happy to announce the arrival of Emerie Raine Ludlow. On June 3rd, Emerie officially became a Ludlow! Jon and Ginger finalized their adoption, surrounded by family and friends. It was a wonderful end to a two-year adoption journey.

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Denise and Ginger at the Courthouse

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Jon and Ginger on Emerie’s Gotcha Date!


Our baby girls!

An Opportunity to Partner with Transformation Ministries

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014

From Denise:

I have been in non-profit ministry for 17 years.  In that time, there are some things that have been core to me:  to see people know their identity in Christ and walk in freedom; to see them know and connect intimately to Jesus; to continue to have the best tools to make all of those things happen; and to be available to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Financial support has been a part of this ministry for all of those years; i.e. I have always been responsible to raise support.  Eleven years ago I had over 25 supporters; today I have five.  In 2013 we gave away over $2000 in training and over $20,000 in personal ministry.

I do believe in what we’re doing at Transformation Ministries.  I believe that God is using TM to transform lives, and in turn, transform families for generations.  And even more I believe in multiplication as we continue to train others in the tools we use in personal ministry.

Here is the bottom line: we need to raise $30,000 to continue to function for the next year.  This would cover overhead costs, allow me to pay others who assist the ministry and receive a salary.  I know this sounds like a big goal, but it is $2,500 per month and every gift counts. If every person that we ministered to this past year gave $10 a month, we would have a surplus!

No gift is too small.  Would you pray and ask the Lord if He would have you be part of our support team for one year.  We are in need of monthly supporters.  You can give $10, $25, $50, $100 per month, etc.  Or you can give a one-time gift for the year.

The best way for us to receive monthly donations is through bill pay; the next is through a personal check written to: Transformation Ministries, 802 Elise Ct., Mount Juliet, TN 37122. For those of you who are looking for an easier method, there is a small charge to us, but you can set up monthly donations by clicking HERE and you will be directed to our online giving page.

If you or someone you love has been blessed or impacted by Transformation Ministries, would you consider giving?  I can promise you that your gift will continue to multiply through the people that we train and through the people who are set free and connected to Jesus for generations.


Denise Hughes




Posted by on Feb 6, 2014


– Stones River Church in Murfreesboro THIS SUNDAY, February 9th at 6PM
More information can be found at Stones River Family

– His House Church in Springhill on Sunday, February 23rd at 10AM
More information can be found at His House Church



Year End Newsletter

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013

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Denise and Ging Before IHP

It’s been an amazing year!  We have had the privilege of training over 140 people this year and we have heard testimony after testimony of people finding freedom by praying with individuals who have gone through our training!

This excites me because it is what God placed on my heart 2 years ago when I had a one year waiting list and He led me to “multiply!”  I love praying with others and watching them gain freedom; but even more, I love hearing testimonies from former students who are continuing to pray with others and see this freedom multiplied.

On top of all that we did at Belmont Church this year, we’ve also had the privilege of speaking at a school of ministry in Brentwood, speaking at Slow Burn Church one Sunday and doing a conference in Springhill, TN.  We are seeing God’s healing come faster than we’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been in ministry 17 years)!  Part of this is due to a new “tool”, Heartsync Ministry, that God led us to pursue this fall.


Heartsync Ministry: Ginger and I were attending a conference in Florence, Alabama when we heard one of the speakers mention Andy Miller and Scott Flanagan.  Ginger immediately went to Andy’s website and emailed me the link.  About one month later I decided to read about Heartsync and began to weep, recognizing that God had already been leading Ginger and me in this direction for several months.  I could not stop reading!!!  I read Andy’s entire website ( and was up until 2AM looking up everything and anything I could get my hands on that would teach me more about Heartsync.

We purchased a few books and an outdated Heartsync conference on DVD’s and began training ourselves.  We discovered that with the small amount of Heartsync we understood, the results were phenomenal (testimonies below)! We then contacted Andy Miller to inquire about his next training opportunity and received an email invitation to attend his “Heartsync Intensive Training” in North Carolina in November.  Since November 18th, we have done Heartsync with 17 people!  The results are amazing and beyond what we have ever seen with our previous tools: Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Sozo, Shabar, Immanuel Approach and Inner Healing Ministry!!!!  Actually, it has been so incredible that we cannot teach another Identity Weekend or Inner Healing Prayer conference until we get this under our belts.  It is changing the way we teach and what we teach!  So, please pray for us as we make this transition.


Emmie Raine

More News of Transformation! My amazing coworker and dear friend, Ginger Ludlow, and her wonderful husband, Jon, have adopted a baby girl!  She was born a month early weighing 4.4 lbs. but is growing quickly!  So, Ginger has been transformed from my sidekick in ministry to a stay-at-home mom.  It has been a transition for both of us.  She continues to stay connected to TM and all that we are doing and looks forward to returning part-time in the future.  But for now, she is mommy to this amazing little girl.  Adoption is a costly endeavor.  Please consider giving a gift to someone who poured her life out for me and Transformation Ministries for the past 2 years!  To find out more about how to make that happen, go to


Setting up Non-Profit: The IRS has all of our information and we are just waiting for our non-profit status.  Our lawyer said it could be 4 weeks or 4 months! It has been almost a year!  Please pray that everything will be processed and we will receive our 501-C3 soon!


Opportunities to Pray and Give: We continue to offer everything we do for a suggested donation.  This enables us to say yes to anyone who comes regardless of their ability to donate.  We give away countless hours of sessions and several training schools each year.  If you would like to give to support individuals who take the training or who have individual sessions, you can give by mailing a check to:

Transformation Ministries

802 Elise Court

Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Or you can go to our website,  Click “Donate” at the top of the page.

We currently have 4 monthly supporters.  We would like to increase that number!

This year I came in $13,000 under my set salary. If Transformation Ministries has impacted your life or the life of someone you know, would you consider sending a gift? We truly believe in what God is doing through Transformation Ministries and hope you will enjoy hearing the Heartsync testimonies below.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family for generations.

Testimonies from Heartsync “Before” Attending the Conference in North Carolina:

Testimony 1: Prior to my Heart Sync experience, I was living a nearly joyless existence. I was drowning in my pain, and felt like a hopeless, walking dead person. The future seemed very bleak. Today, I am experiencing joy. I feel alive and know Jesus is good and true, and that he loves me. I am hopeful for the future because I believe this a glimpse of the fullness and wholeness he is completing in me.

Testimony 2: After Heart Sync…I felt like every single part that I used to cope with pain was integrated to me. I realized how they were loved and cherished by Jesus. Now I feel whole and the only place I can run to is Jesus. I just feel so much joy!

Testimony 3: Within just two days of doing my first Heartsync, my walk with the Lord got deeper and better than I could have imagined. I had been walking around with a belief that I could only go so deep in intimacy with Him. After doing Heartsync ONCE that belief disappeared, and I am now free to walk in an ever increasing deep, intimate relationship with Him!

Testimony 4: “The heart sync ministry model has led me to embrace and forgive parts of my heart that had been locked away and suffering, and set them free. Each time I go through the model I have an Incredible, up-close encounter with God and as a result, I am walking in more and more freedom. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in recapturing their heart.”

Testimony 5: I have been the recipient of heart sync prayer one time. While I can’t fully explain it, I do know that a piece of my heart that was tucked away since I was a child, (trauma at age 4), is now free from that trauma and experiencing life! I am a believer in this ministry and am excited to receive more!

Testimony 6: Because of Heart Sync, I now live with a sixth sense of feeling, allowing me to experience new depths of pain (even other people’s pain, just by simply looking at them) but also new heights of joy that I never knew existed. I’ve found an entire person who has been alive but hasn’t existed for about 19 years. It has transformed the way I know myself, Jesus and those around me. It’s more than discovering who I really am; its intimately knowing who I’ve always been.

Testimony 7: Since doing heart sync I have noticed a boldness that I carry that I’ve never I had before and realize that there are places of my heart that feel more connected!

Testimony 8: I’ve had trouble sleeping for a long time. After receiving Heartsync ministry, I’ve slept great these last couple of nights! The presence of God has been so tangible and I’ve been hearing Jesus whisper, “I’m here. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” over and over.

Testimony 9: The cool thing about the heart sync prayer is that even though I prayed and received healing for one thing, I began walking in much more peace in many things. I didn’t even realize it or connect it at first. It’s like my capacity to love just expanded.

The Sufficiency of Christ

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013

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It is a glorious revelation as we discover that when Jesus died on the cross, He died for all sin; once for all. (Rom. 5)  Peace floods the soul when we recognize that our flesh has been removed and crucified and that we are no longer enslaved to sin.  (Rom. 6 & Gal. 2)  When we realize that we are united with Christ, it changes everything as we learn what it truly looks like to walk according to the Spirit.

Yet, so often in life, our experience cries out louder than our knowledge of theological truth.  And when we find ourselves once again living out that old flesh pattern, we get frustrated and look for answers on how we can “stop”!  We read verses about the flesh and considering ourselves dead and feel defeated as we continue to wrestle day after day and for some, year after year.

Here is a bit of good news: you will not find freedom from your flesh by focusing on your flesh.  Your freedom will not come from a Bible verse telling you “what to do” or a law or a new principal or even an accountability group. All of these continue to keep us self-focused instead of Jesus-focused. All of these call us back to self-centered living. However, Jesus is wooing us into relationship.

Jesus did not come and give His life so that you could go back to living according to the law! Hebrews 10:9 tells us that He came to take away the first in order to establish the second. The first covenant was a life of laws and principles and trying hard from a place of self-effort (flesh) because that is all we had!  The second dealt with the heart.  In the second covenant He gave us a new heart and a new mind!  The second was inaugurated by His death. Hebrews 10:19-23 says, “Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh, and since we have a great High priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.”

I agree with the Moravian cry, “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!” Let us lay aside the flesh, not by focusing our hearts on flesh, but by focusing our hearts on Him and His flesh that was broken so that I could be free.  Let us focus on the greatness of His love and sacrifice.

The good news of the Gospel is so much crazy freedom that it offends even our flesh. All things are lawful? “Paul, are you kidding me? What are you saying? Don’t you know that your written words might give people license to sin?” Paul, along with the author of Hebrews, knew that the secret to freedom did not lie in the focus of our flesh but in the greatness of His love and His body and blood. He is the Lamb and the High Priest and the Mercy Seat.

Today, may you be set free of your flesh and may it happen as you look to the Lamb, His sacrifice, His love and His flesh that was torn so that you could have full access to the Holy of Holies!  “Jesus, may You forever receive the reward of Your suffering! Your love and grace will forever astound and amaze us!”

Our Next Event…

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013


We’re partnering with Slow Burn Church for a weekend of Identity and Truth.


Knowing Your Identity – Slow Burn Church – 6/23/13

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013

Knowing Your Identity – Slow Burn Church – 6/23/13